Accounting Analytics Bookkeeper Guide

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Accounting Analytics Bookkeeper Guide

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This Guide is for bookkeepers who perform bookkeeping using QuickBooks Online.

The Guide enables bookkeepers to:

  1. Efficiently and productively perform bookkeeping,
  2. Provide timely, relevant, and reliable financial information, and
  3. Increase financial position, profit, and cash flow.

The Guide details Accounting Analytics Accounting System's Bookkeeping Process.


Bookkeeping is the day-to-day gathering, recording, and classifying of financial transactions, such as sales and receipts and purchases and payments, and is the foundation of an accounting system.

Bookkeeping is critical to cash flow because bookkeeping controls the timing of receipts and payments. Bookkeeping also determines whether business information is timely, relevant, and reliable.

This Guide details how bookkeepers perform bookkeeping to increase financial condition, profit, and cash flow and work with their accountant to prepare timely, relevant, and reliable business information.

The Guide presents Accounting Analytics' Bookkeeping Process. The Process enables bookkeepers to perform bookkeeping using QuickBooks Online.

Note: The Guide is included in our Accounting Analytics Bookkeeper course.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1 - Introduction: Accounting System
  • Chapter 2 - Bookkeeping Tools
  • Chapter 3 - Setting Up Your Company
  • Chapter 4 - Processing Bank and Credit Card Accounts
  • Chapter 5 - Processing Sales and Receipts
  • Chapter 6 - Processing Purchases and Payments
  • Chapter 7 - Processing Payroll and 1099s
  • Chapter 8 - Communicating Business Performance


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