Individual Tax Fundamentals Training Course

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Individual Tax Fundamentals Training Course


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Physical Textbook
eLearning courses include an eTextbook (digital). However, you may also purchase a printed textbook for $60 when you access the course.

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Course Purpose

This course provides individual federal tax education and helps candidates pass the Tax Certification exam.

Course Overview

This course is a popular first-level tax course that provides a clear concise explanation of the fundamental tax concepts covering individual federal tax planning and compliance. The course covers core individual tax concepts and principles including gross income, deductions, and credits.

Course Length

The course is a nine-week course (one session per week). However, the course is an on-demand, self-study, self-paced course. Therefore, the length of the course is determined by the time you dedicate to the course and your understanding of individual federal tax.

Important: When you purchase the course, we email you a course access code. The code provides you access to the course for 6 months beginning from the time you access the course with the code.

Course Agenda

  1. An Introduction to Tax
  2. Tax Compliance, the IRS, and Tax Authorities
  3. Tax Planning Strategies and Related Limitations
  4. Individual Income Tax Overview, Dependents, and Filing Status
  5. Gross Income and Exclusions
  6. Individual Deductions
  7. Investments
  8. Individual Income Tax Computation and Tax Credits
  9. Business Income, Deductions, and Accounting Methods
  10. Property Acquisition and Cost Recovery
  11. Property Dispositions
  12. Compensation
  13. Retirement Savings and Deferred Compensation
  14. Tax Consequences of Home Ownership

Course Materials

The materials included with this course include:

  • eTextbook (You can also purchase a printed textbook for $60 when you redeem your access code)
  • Pre-assessment Test
  • Exercises and Problems
  • Answers to Exercises and Problems
  • Quizzes
  • Instructor Support
  • Post-assessment Test
  • 28 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Credits

Course Steps

The steps to completing the course are as follows:

Step 1: Take Pre-assessment Test
Determine your pre-education knowledge and skill by taking the pre-assessment test.

Step 2: Read Textbook Chapter
Read textbook chapter.

Step 3: Complete Chapter Exercises
Complete textbook chapter exercises.

Step 4: Complete Chapter Problems
Complete textbook chapter problems.

Step 5: Take Chapter Quiz
Take chapter quiz.

Step 6 Request Instructor Support
Email your instructor course questions.

Step 7: Take Post-assessment Test
Determine your post-education knowledge and skill by taking the post-assessment test.


Step 8: Tax Certification
Take and pass Tax Certification exam.


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