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The videos provide business federal tax education and skill.


The videos are popular first-level business tax videos that provide a clear concise explanation of the fundamental business tax concepts covering both tax planning and compliance. The videos cover core business tax concepts and principles including tax accounting rules, gross income, deductions, depreciation, property transactions, taxes, and tax credits.


  1. Business Income, Deductions, and Accounting Methods (27 min 8 sec)
  2. Property Acquisition and Cost Recovery (32 min 14 sec)
  3. Property Dispositions (25 min 12 sec)
  4. Business Entities Overview (17 min 23 sec)
  5. Corporate Operations (13 min 50 sec)
  6. Accounting for Income Taxes (15 min 38 sec)
  7. Corporate Taxation: Non-liquidating Distributions (13 min 26 sec)
  8. Corporate Formation, Reorganization, and Liquidation (15 min 38 sec)
  9. Forming and Operating Partnerships (33 min 7 sec)
  10. Dispositions of Partnership Interests and Partnership Distributions (17 min 58 sec)
  11. S Corporations (30 min 24 sec)
  12. State and Local Taxes (28 min 23 sec)
  13. The U.S. Taxation of Multinational Transactions (26 min 39 sec)
  14. Transfer Taxes and Wealth Planning (28 min 4 sec)


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