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Payroll Fundamentals Training Course

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The videos provide payroll education.


The videos explain payroll. They address the latest payroll laws and up-to-the-minute updates. They focus on application rather than theory. Examples and real business applications enhance the videos and demonstrate the relevance of what you are learning. You learn how to calculate payroll, pay payroll taxes, and prepare payroll tax reports.


  1. Payroll Practices and System Fundamentals (16 min 50 sec)
  2. Payroll System Procedures (17 min 53 sec)
  3. Gross Pay Computations (25 min 46 sec)
  4. Fringe Benefits and Voluntary Deductions (16 min 27 sec)
  5. Employee Net Pay and Pay Methods (18 min 29 sec)
  6. Employer Payroll Taxes and Labor Planning (20 min 40 sec)
  7. The Payroll Register, Employees' Earnings Records, and Accounting System Entries (10 min 13 sec)


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