Accounting Fundamentals (Bookkeeping) Training Videos

Accounting Fundamentals Training Course

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The videos provide fundamental bookkeeping and accounting education.


The videos explain bookkeeping and accounting. They provide a fundamental knowledge and understanding of bookkeeping and accounting concepts, processes, methods, procedures, and controls that you should comprehend in order to perform bookkeeping efficiently and productively.


  1. Accounting: The Language of Business (11 min 10 sec)
  2. Analyzing Business Transactions (17 min 24 sec)
  3. Analyzing Business Transactions Using T Accounts (17 min 25 sec)
  4. The General Journal and the General Ledger (10 min 53 sec)
  5. Adjustments and the Worksheet (10 min 44 sec)
  6. Closing Entries and the Post Closing Trial Balance (9 min 15 sec)
  7. Accounting for Sales, Accounts Receivable, and Cash Receipts (13 min 43 sec)
  8. Accounting for Purchases, Accounts Payable, and Cash Payments (12 min 49 sec)
  9. Cash (13 min 44 sec)
  10. Payroll Computations, Records, and Payment (13 min 33 sec)
  11. Payroll Taxes, Deposits, and Reports (12 min 42 sec)
  12. Accruals, Deferrals, and the Worksheet (10 min 31 sec)
  13. Financial Statements and Closing Procedures (12 min 2 sec)


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