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Accounting Principles Training Course

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The videos provide accounting principles (generally accepted accounting principles or GAAP) and reporting standards education.


The videos introduce you to accounting principles and reporting standards such as accounts receivable and uncollectible accounts; notes payable and notes receivable; merchandise inventory; property, plant, and equipment; and depreciation.


  1. Accounting Principles and Reporting Standards (13 min 10 sec)
  2. Accounts Receivable and Uncollectible Accounts (11 min 7 sec)
  3. Notes Payable and Notes Receivable (12 min 30 sec)
  4. Merchandise Inventory (13 min 21 sec)
  5. Property, Plant, and Equipment and Depreciation (14 min 55 sec)
  6. Accounting for Partnerships (15 min 34 sec)
  7. Corporations: Formation and Capital Stock Transactions (15 min 15 sec)
  8. Corporate Earnings and Capital Transactions (14 min 19 sec)
  9. Long-Term Bonds (10 min 58 sec)
  10. Financial Statement Analysis (22 min 28 sec)
  11. The Statement of Cash Flows (14 min 16 sec)


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