Accounting in the Changing Business Environment Training Videos

Bookkeepers and Accountants Must Learn to Think Like Business Professionals

Accounting in the Changing Business Environment Training Videos

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The videos prepare today's bookkeepers and accountants for the need to transform from a knowledge of recording and reporting business transactions to analyzing and interpreting business information.


Accounting process automation, which includes automated data capture, data analytics, and artificial intelligence, is transforming bookkeeping and accounting. Technology has greatly reduced or eliminated the need for humans to perform recording and reporting procedures. Rather than gathering information, today's bookkeepers and accountants are now required to understand, analyze, and interpret information. Instead of performing recording and reporting procedures, bookkeepers and accountants must learn to think like business professionals.

Business professionals think about bottom-line consequences such as: If I do this or that, how will it affect my company's financial position, profit, and cash flow? The videos use a financial statements model to educate bookkeeper and accountants how to develop this thought process. The model arranges the balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flows horizontally across a single line of text to understand the financial position, profit, and cash flow consequences of certain decisions.


  1. An Introduction to Accounting
  2. Accounting for Accruals
  3. Accounting for Deferrals
  4. Accounting for Merchandising Businesses
  5. Accounting for Inventories
  6. Internal Control and Accounting for Cash
  7. Accounting for Receivables
  8. Accounting for Long-term Operational Assets
  9. Accounting for Current Liabilities and Payroll
  10. Accounting for Long-term Debt
  11. Proprietorships, Partnerships, and Corporations
  12. Statement of Cash Flows
  13. The Double-entry Accounting System
  14. Financial Statement Analysis


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