NACPB Frequently Asked Questions

Is membership required to take a course, become certified, or apply for a license?

No. However, membership entitles you to significant discounts for these costs and often pays for itself when purchasing multiple courses and/or exams. Membership also provides access to many of our other resources. The benefits of membership can be reviewed on the Membership page.


How do I create a login for

The ability to login is only available to members. Logging in allows members to access member benefits.


Am I required to have experience to obtain a certification?

No. Experience is only required when applying for a license.


What is the difference between a certification and a license?

A Certification certifies you in a specific area (ex. The Bookkeeping Certification certifies in bookkeeping) and is designed to assure employers of your bookkeeping knowledge and skill. Certifications do not expire. To become certified, you are required to complete the necessary training and pass a certification exam. You can compare certifications here.

A License has more requirements, and thus holds more value. To obtain a license, you will need to complete all required certifications for that license and complete a license application, which involves verifying one year of experience and agreeing to abide by a Professional Code of Conduct. A license assures clients of your knowledge, skill, experience, and ethics, and allows you to place the associated title after your name (ex. John Doe, CPB). You can compare licenses here.


If I want to become licensed, how can I decide which license to work toward?

Because many licenses share some certification requirements, it will really depend on what you want to specialize in. Some licenses have more certification requirements than others, which may hold more value to some employers and/or clients. The most common license is the Certified Public Bookkeeper (CPB), as it communicates that you are well rounded in the training and skills most common to the bookkeeping profession. View the License Comparison page to compare the differences between licenses.


I have already taken a college level course similar your ______ course. Can I take the certification exam without taking your training course?

If you have completed training equivalent to the training course required for certification, you may be exempt from taking our training course. To determine if the course you have taken is equivalent, email your transcripts to for approval.


Is there a way to save money when purchasing multiple courses and/or exams?

Yes. If you are purchasing multiple courses and/or exams, review the bundles we offer, which will save you 20%.

Training Course Bundles (for purchasing multiple courses)

Certification Bundles (for purchasing a course and the related certification exam)

License Bundles (for purchasing all courses and exams required for a license)


I have paid for a membership but have not received the email to create my password. What should I do?

Check your Junk and/or Spam email folders, as the email may be sent there.


I have paid for a training course or bundle. How do I start the course?

You will receive an email containing the access code(s) for your course(s), as well as instructions for completion. The email is compiled manually and may take some time to arrive. Also, be sure to check your Junk and/or Spam email folders, as the email may be sent there.